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The Comenius multilateral project "EuTeens in Search of New Role Models" was developed out of the necessity to offer teenagers positive alternatives in choosing their idols, especially in this time marked by difficulties of all kinds and moral turmoil. We have to invest in the education of the young generation in the spirit of adopting a healthy and moral system of reference and living up to ethic principles, which can be done by prompting them to choose positive role models that can have a good influence on their personal development. Thus, the main aim of the project is to provide our pupils the essential tools that will guide them to make wise choices and to distinguish between positive and negative role models.

During the two-year partnership, youngsters from eight European countries - Romania, Italy, Turkey, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland - will identify and analyze the role models teenagers have nowadays and, more important, they will search for other people who are really worth looking up to. We are interested in helping our pupils rediscover great personalities of the past and we also intend to make them conscious about the positive role models around them, within the communities they come from. Moreover, we expect teenagers involved in the project to realize that they themselves can become models to be followed and, as a consequence, they should make sure that their behaviour and way of thinking respect the ethic values commonly accepted by society.

The objectives of the partnership are as follows:
- to elicit teenagers to identify and adopt the criteria which lead to choosing a positive role model
- to make the pupils able to distinguish between positive and negative role models
- to enable teenagers to find people who are worth looking up to, especially from their local community
- to develop pupils' assertiveness and critical spirit
- to promote moral and ethic values in teenagers' life
The project will deal with teenagers' choice of role models, a very important matter in youngsters' life because they are at the age when they are looking for people who can be an inspiration to them and, unfortunately, most of the times, they don't make the right choice. Thus, in this context, we will create a motivational environment for them to re-evaluate their choices on different levels - international, national and local - and, more important, to search for new role models, on the same three levels.

This project is chiefly expected to foster a healthy growing of the youngsters, because by prompting them to make wise choices regarding their role models, they will become better adults. Moreover, the pupils directly involved are expected to realize, in their turn, peer education towards choosing positive role models and thus, to promote the true values that will shape a better and moral future society.
The great chance to take part in this international partnership and the fact that they will be involved in all its stages, will increase our pupils' autonomy, self-confidence and motivation, which will lead to the improvement of pupils' school achievement and to a lower rate of school leaving. Nevertheless, the activities of the project will offer the pupils the opportunity to interact with colleagues from other countries, to work together during mobilities and to cooperate by using modern means of communication, which is likely to help them establish long-lasting friendships.
Improvement of communication and writing skills in a foreign language, i.e. English, are also expected both from pupils and from teachers. There will be lots of materials to be translated from and into English and also project meetings will offer the most adequate context for practicing speaking.
The 2 years of cooperation within the framework of the project will provide excellent opportunities for teachers' personal and professional development through the direct contact with colleagues from other countries, that will encourage an effective experience exchange regarding teaching approaches and methods.
The fact that one of the main activities of the partnership is to discover and promote people from the local communities that can be looked up to as positive role models, will guarantee the direct contact of the local communities with the project, which will strengthen the cohesion between the school and the community. The parents and other members of the local community will be constantly informed about the project, will be invited to visit the exhibitions put on by the schools and the ones among them identified as new role models will be invited as guest speakers in class. Thus, the local community will be actively involved in the project. All these will enhance the prestige of the partner institutions within their own communities and regions.



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